1 in 10 adults each year experience burning, tingling and numbness in their feet. This may be caused by a serious condition known as Peripheral Neuropathy. If left untreated or misdiagnosed, it may lead to a life of unnecessary pain, severe infection or even amputation.

Neuropathy Symptoms Include:

  • Numbness or Burning Pain
  • Leg Cramping
  • Loss of Balance
  • Sharp Electrical Like Pain
  • Difficulty Sleeping due to Leg & Foot Discomfort
  • Pain When Walking
  • Weakness in the Arms and Legs
  • Loss of Senses, Hot or Cold
  • Soreness to Touch
  • Prickling or Tingling of the Feet or Hands
Solon Spine and Wellness Center specializes in the most advanced and innovative non-surgical treatments available for peripheral neuropathy. Our treatment is a combination of pain management procedures with breakthrough technology that increases circulation while allowing the nerves to heal – all without surgery or addictive medication.

Solon Spine and Wellness Center uses unique FDA 510K registered procedures that are proven to dramatically slow or reverse the symptoms of Neuropathy. These procedures have been shown to:

  • Increase Local Blood Circulation by 300-500%
  • Prevent or Retard Disuse Atrophy
  • Eliminate or reduce pain
  • Create regrowth of new skin, nerves and muscles
  • Restore sensation to hands and feet
  • Improve mobility
  • Relax Muscle Spasms
  • Re-Educate Muscles
  • Maintain or Increase Range of Motion
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“I was on 14 medications and my doctors had told me I may need to have my foot amputated. I hadn’t been able to wear shoes other than sandals for years because of my swollen and painful feet. After going through this program I’ve lost weight and my foot pain is gone. I can now wear normal shoes.”
– Patient, N.S., Age 58

One patient, J.S. age 75, recently said, “I walked an hour longer shopping with my wife than I have in years.” He typically could only walk for 20 minutes, but he walked almost 2 hours after just one treatment.

“I’m enjoying my life again. I’m no longer in constant pain, my balance is better, I am able to resume the simple things such as taking walks with my husband and playing with my grandchildren. I’m even thinking of rejoining my golf league this spring. Thanks Solon Spine Center!”
– Joyce Age 71