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Treatment for people suffering from: Disc Herniation, Disc Bulge, Sciatica, Stenosis.

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Welcome to Solon Spine & Wellness Center

At Solon Spine and Wellness Center we understand the devastating effects chronic and severe pain has on you and your loved ones. Chronic pain limits your entire life including your ability to work, spend time with your family and enjoy your hobbies.

In many cases, traditional treatment methods have failed to offer relief, and perhaps even made your problems worse! Despair and loss of hope are inevitable and intensify the pain.

At Solon Spine and Wellness Center our doctors and staff are committed to personalized one-on-one treatment. Helping you get better is our only priority. You will never be rushed, and if we can’t help you we will find someone who can. So if you don’t know where to turn or who to trust we invite you to call our office to see if you qualify for this breakthrough treatment.

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How Decompression Works

Our non-surgical lumbar decompression relieves the pressure that builds up on discs and nerves. The pressure, and pain associated with it, are relieved as a result of drawing bulging and herniated material back into the disc.

Decompression creates a negative pressure in the disc which acts as a vacuum to draw back in bulging and herniated material and nutrients into the disc. Throughout the decompression treatment, the ligaments which hold the disc material in place actually strengthen to prevent future

In most cases the healing process only requires a few weeks of treatment. This treatment is provided on an out-patient basis and many of our patients begin to feel relief in the first few sessions.

Our staff has undergone expert training to be able to provide our patients with top-quality lumbar decompression. It is our mission to relieve severe and chronic lower back pain and return our patients to a normal life, free of pain.


“I am now back to exercising and doing all the activities I love. I could not be more pleased with my results and the fabulous staff at Solon Spine and Wellness Center. They run a first class organization.”

“The decompression therapy and follow-up care have made a dramatic impact on my life and health.”